Shall We Dance?

Dance!! When did we forget how to dance? I was leading a class recently when a small child was half hidden standing on the side lines, but, oh was he moving to the music!

He wasn't the least bit self-conscious...he was pure joy in motion. If you're a lover of dance and feel the thrill of the blood flow as much as I do, I welcome you to join me in one of the many types of dances I lead. And, if you've got sweaty palms just thinking about it, well guess what? This is the safest place you can go put your tippy toes onto the dance floor.

Join me for Zumba as I teach the various levels that are specific for each ability and age range.

For something more introspective, I invite you to my new workshop, Expressive Dance. This free-form movement class allows you to dance your Spirit, touch your inner self with playfulness, embedded emotion and so much more.

I have always loved to dance, but it was fifteen years ago that I discovered dance as my true form of Self-expression…releasing joy, and wonderment. I am certified in Zumba, Zumba Gold, and Zumba Toning and also fully insured and certified in CPR.

See what activity directors are saying about me. (It’s obviously all good or I wouldn’t include it, now would I?)

Want to know more? Wanna boogie with Barry? I’d love to hear from you. Reach me at or
(602) 541-1696

I joyfully bring my soul and inspiration to every class I am privileged to serve.

Barry Brooks