While our minds might distort our history, our bodies know and carry the truth. It is said that in shamanic cultures when one is feeling depressed, disheartened, or dis-spirited, the healer would often ask, "When did you last dance?" Expressive Movement truly releases the spirit that lies within. This class offers an opportunity for people to access their inner Selves through free form dance.

The Expressive Movement class will incorporate the Five Rhythms, based on the teachings of choreographer and shaman Gabrielle Roth. Participants will dance to the Five Rhythms as they connect with their own inner rhythms and truths. It is through this process that many connect with the Divine as another form of meditation or prayer.

I am passionate about sharing Expressive Movement as I create the space for those to reach inside out to touch their joy, wonderment, discovery, healing, prayer. I have danced often with Gabrielle Roth (The Five Rhythms), Michael Skelton (Spirit Weaves) and Vinn Marti (Soul Motion). The more I move, the more centered I become and more at one with who I am.

Some may call this sacred dance, spirit dance, free dance, dance improv, prayer in motion, even dance church. I call it Expressive Movement and I joyfully bring my soul and inspiration to every class I am privileged to serve.